Lin Xin: Superstring

Renowned hyper-realistic surrealist painter Lin Xin’s art, reveals her affection toward the equipment and machines, a kind of feeling formed in the childhood of the first Chinese Only Child generation. Lin Xin remembers the time when workers were highly valued. She spent a lot of time in those big workshops. The influence of pervasive modern technology and the digital network leads her to believe that “the virtual life might leave more truthful traces or existence”.

‘What I want to convey to the audience is the unique perspective of my inner self. I’ve always been very interested in the virtual world and my works in recent years revolve around a ‘digital’ theme, the attributes found in our modern digital world as a kind of artistic ‘media’. I translated the idea into a ‘Cyborg’ & seeks for a certain romanticism within it.

My childhood was spent playing in factories where my parents worked so whenever I come across a cold & mechanic sensation, it awakens my memory and I tend to express this quality unconsciencely. It touches the core of my emotions & relates to my everyday life; such as in love, friendship and marriage. Alot of times, I don’t blatantly express myself, just like the cyborgs I paint. But if you observe carefully, you can see hidden stories subtly revealed in the titles of my works.’ – Lin Xin