• ‘What If Basquiat Had Gone to Space?’ Why a Billionaire Collector Is Hatching a Plan to Take Artists to the Moon on Elon Musk’s Rocket

    19 Sep 2018

    Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese e-commerce billionaire who bought a record-breaking Basquiat painting for $110 million in 2017, is now pursuing an even more expensive prize: a trip to the moon. It’s looking like Maezawa will be the first lunar tourist, and the first commercial passenger to travel via one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets. “Finally, […]

  • Singapore Grand Prix Formula One 2018 & ‘Parliament of Love’ Contemporary Exhibition

    17 Sep 2018

    Dear friends, YANG GALLERY • Singapore team sincerely appreciates your presence & support in making 《Paliament of Love》Contemporary Exhibition a most successful one during Singapore Grand Prix Formula One 2018. 🍾🍸🥂 We look forward to welcome you at our next event soon!

  • The Most Powerful Top 100 Art Collectors of 2018

    12 Sep 2018

    In this complete compilation of the Top 100 Collectors 2018 list, you will find the names of some of the most active, engaged collectors in the world today. Among this year’s cast are influential big names ranging from Asia. Read on.   Roman Abramovich London; Moscow; New York 
Steel, mining, investments, technology, and professional soccer (Chelsea […]

  • Picasso’s Former Muse Françoise Gilot, Now 96, Debuts Worldly Drawings of Her Own

    06 Sep 2018

    Francoise Gilot, now 96, is best known for the decade she spent as girlfriend and muse to Pablo Picasso, with whom she had two children. But she is also an accomplished artist in her own right, often making work that tiptoes between abstraction and figuration. Now, Gilot has released a new facsimile edition of three […]

  • YANG GALLERY | ‘Parliament of Love’ P. Gnana & Zhang Xiangming Joint Solo Exhibition 2018

    06 Sep 2018

    Exhibiting Artists: P. Gnana & Zhang Xiangming Opening Reception: 15th September 2018, 3-6 pm RSVP: +65 6721 8888 / Exhibition Period: 15th September –5th October 2018 Exhibition Venue: YANG GALLERY • Singapore 581 Orchard Road, The Shopping Gallery Hilton #01-11, Singapore 238883 Foreword The exhibition features paintings and sculptures by P. Gnana, under a visual language […]

  • YANG GALLERY | ‘Reestablish the Garden of Eden’ Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition 2018

    05 Sep 2018

    Exhibiting Artist: Liu Ruowang Opening Reception: 27th September 2018, 3-6 pm RSVP: +86 10 5762 3020 / Exhibition Period: 27th September –26th October 2018 Exhibition Venue: YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 3rd Taoci Street, 798 Art District, no. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015 Foreword 伊甸园是人类堕落的开始,自此人类便在道德的滑梯上一路狂坠。直到今天,人类缺乏终极信仰、目光短浅,面对丰富的世界丧失了自己的判断力,无力抵抗来自欲望的诱惑,以谎言谋利,直到水是脏的、天是灰的、奶粉是有毒的——如此对比之下,伊甸园显得如此纯粹美好。那里也有来自毒蛇的诱惑,但人类还不至于堕落至斯。 在这一片道德的雾霾中,我相信艺术世界是一片相对纯粹的净土。在这个由想象力主宰的小宇宙里,人类可以把自己最真诚的一面毫无顾忌地表达出来,而不会对任何人造成伤害。这是美的开端,也是美的实践。在艺术世界里,让我们再见伊甸园。——刘若望 Shanxi province witnessed most of the historical […]

  • ‘Cultural Bonding’ Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition 2018

    29 Aug 2018

    Exhibiting Artists: Pascal Yerly, Kim Jungho, Xie Yongsheng Exhibition Period: 25th August – 15th September 2018 Exhibition Venue: 3rd Taoci Street, 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015   About the Artists:  Pascal Yerly Renowned Swiss contemporary installation artist Pascal Yerly combine a modern way of showing art with projections and interaction with the […]

  • YANG GALLERY | HUAWEI Press Conference Crossover Event: 华为云管理网络发布会 2018

    25 Aug 2018

    We are proud to work with HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd to launch their annual press conference event at YANG GALLERY  Beijing 798.   YANG GALLERY Singapore & Beijing 798’s venue crossover collaboration is an extraordinary channel for artists, organizations and art connoisseurs to showcase exhibitions, media launches, fashion shows etc… and many more in a spacious […]

  • Art & Lifestyle Crossover Collaboration: “美和社交” 美图公司 2018 发布会 at YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798

    11 Aug 2018

    YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 was proud to present another successful art & lifestyle crossover collaboration with MEITU LTD, The ‘“美和社交” 美图公司 2018 发布会 Media Launch Event’ on 7th August 2018.   YANG GALLERY Singapore & Beijing’s venue crossover collaboration is an extraordinary channel for artists, organizations and art connoisseurs to showcase exhibitions, media launches, […]

  • Who Really Painted ‘Salvator Mundi’?

    08 Aug 2018

    Was Salvator Mundi, the painting that sold for a sensational $450 million at Christie’s last year, misattributed to Leonardo da Vinci? That’s what Oxford art historian Matthew Landrus argues in a forthcoming book. Instead, he thinks the record-breaking work was painted primarily by Leonardo’s assistant, Bernardino Luini, whose auction record is a mere $654,545, according to artnet. Landrus […]

  • Wang Tianhao: Sentiments

    05 Aug 2018

    ‘The value of a moment is known when it becomes a memory.’ Wang Tianhao Born in 1963,Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province 1988 Graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts 1994 Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts postgraduate courses Now work and live in Beijing There are multiple interpretations for Tianhao’s paintings, among […]

  • Why You Could Invest in Contemporary Fine Art

    04 Aug 2018

    When you think about it, not many investments you make are physical. In stocks, all you have are numbers on a computer screen. It’s the same with a bond. This can get boring and tedious. Art, however, represents something tangible. Something you can see on your own walls. Sometimes it’s even very pretty to look at. […]

  • ‘Farewell’: Ai Weiwei Says Beijing Studio Is Being Demolished

    04 Aug 2018

    Artist Ai Weiwei posted videos on Instagram today that appear to show backhoes beginning to take apart one of his studio buildings in Beijing. He wrote, “Today, they started to demolish my studio ‘zuo you’ in Beijing with no precaution . . . Farewell.” In his posts, Ai said that he had used the building as […]

  • 10 Singaporean Artists You Need to Know

    01 Aug 2018

    From acclaimed to up-and-coming artists, we discover inspiring homegrown figures who have stirred the local art scene this National Day month. Whether they’ve helped shape the scene or are shaking it up, here are ten local artists we love. 1. Tan Swie Hian Tan is a cultural icon in Singapore. He held his first exhibition […]

  • Design Your Version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse In Singapore Style

    31 Jul 2018

    If you’re a Mickey Mouse fan, it’s time to get creative using the beloved Disney icon as your muse. In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary and with National Day just around the corner, Singapore’s property development company CAPITALAND Limited partnered with Disney this year for its Arts In The City program at Raffles City Shopping Mall. The 10 […]

  • The Art Scene in Singapore

    27 Jul 2018

    The art scene in Singapore is a diverse and vibrant palette that unites the city’s home-grown talent with the finest names on the South-East Asian and international art scenes. Although it’s well worth starting your exploration of the Singapore art scene in national arts hubs, such as the newly-opened National Gallery Singapore, you’ll soon discover […]

  • Chinese Overtakes the West in Art Investing

    24 Jul 2018

    Last December, Qi Baishi became the first Chinese artist to join the $100 million club, selling a set of ink-brush panels, Twelve Landscape Screens, for $141 million at the Beijing Poly International Auction. Sold to an unknown Chinese buyer, the sale is indicative of a reviving global art market, buoyed by Chinese interest. Research by the UBS and Art […]

  • How to Invest in Art

    17 Jul 2018

    $450m. The record amount for which Salvator Mundi, the long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting, commissioned by King Louis XII of France around 1505, was sold at auction in New York in November 2017 last year. Interacting with an artwork is a truly emotional experience. The art market can’t help but be a space where money […]

  • Art Basel’s Parent Company Is Launching a New Fair in Singapore Next Year

    15 Jul 2018

    Art Basel’s Swiss parent company MCH Group will launch an art fair in Singapore called ART SG in November 2019, expanding its regional art fair enterprise to Southeast Asia. The fair is a joint venture between MCH Group and the Asian art market insiders Sandy Angus and Tim Etchells, who founded Art HK, Hong Kong’s […]

  • 16 Highly Relatable Art History Memes

    11 Jul 2018

    When it comes to a work of art, context is everything. Today, one of the greatest challenges for art historians when considering a work of art is to reconcile an artist’s original intent with the modern context in which it now lives. For art history buffs, one fun aspect of visiting an art museum is identifying […]