• Six Chinese Contemporary Artists ‘Light Up’ New York Times Square

    19 Nov 2016

    New York, often known as the global art center, is the strongest location to spread art. From the 9th – 22nd November 2016, Established Chinese contemporary artists Tian Shixin, Li Xiangqun, Zhong Biao, Deng Jianjin, Chen Wenling and Xu Qingfeng will be standing at the ‘crossroad of the world’, New York Times Square, with images […]

  • ‘Zen Heart’ Travel Exhibition of Xutong Tian’s Ink Painting in New Zealand

    18 Nov 2016

    Fo Guang Shan New Zealand proudly presents ‘Zen Heart’ Travel Exhibition of Xutong Tian’s Ink Painting 2016. Fo Guang Shan Monastery was founded in 1967 by supreme master Hsing Yun. Hsing Yun’s stated position within Fo Guang Shan is that it is an “amalgam of all Eight Schools of Chinese Buddhism” (八宗兼弘), including ‘Zen’. This […]

  • Art & Luxury: The Golden Combination

    18 Nov 2016

    The line between luxury and art is blurring across the world, but it’s doing so especially quickly in China. With extremely high net worth and a taste for the finer things in life, art collectors are seen as the Holy Grail of customer demographics for luxury brands. As the ultimate luxury item, art has long […]

  • The Continuous Rise of China’s Contemporary Art Scene

    15 Nov 2016

    Since the past decade, China has entered into the art game at top speed and isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.   The prosperous elite, an ever expanding group of men and women, are now looking to spread their wealth into a more aesthetically appealing sector. Just last year, art sales in the Greater […]

  • The True Face of Trump

    09 Nov 2016

    Speaking of the 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump, a lot of people’s first reaction is: This guy is too unreliable! Trump can be president? Let us first look at this hairstyle. Not just his hair, Trump repeatedly spoke fascinating words leaving many people thinking that he is a madman, with the guts to say […]

  • Multiplicity of Chinese Contemporary Art

    08 Nov 2016

    The rapidly developing economy of China with its population of 1.3 billion has fueled not just economy , but also the growth of an important cultural industry, contemporary art Since the debut of Chinese artists on the international art stage in 1993 at the 45th Venice Biennale, Chinese participation has become a regular feature in […]

  • ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jinhyu Solo Exhibition Opening Reception!

    06 Nov 2016

    Dear Friends, a big thank you to all who attended ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jin Hyu Solo Exhibition Opening Reception at YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798! We sincerely appreciate your lovely presence in making this event a great success & we look forward to see you again soon!  

  • Art vs Money: Why Not Both?

    31 Oct 2016

    There are few modern relationships as fraught as the one between art and money. Are they mortal enemies, secret lovers or perfect soul mates? Is the bond between them a source of pride or shame, a marriage of convenience or something tawdrier? The relationship between art and money can be understood in at least two […]

  • ‘NEVER LEAVE 从未离开’ Wang Jianuo Solo Exhibition 2016

    28 Oct 2016

    YANG GALLERY • Beijing Songzhuang cordially invite you to ‘NEVER LEAVE 从未离开’ Wang Jianuo Solo Exhibition Opening Reception on the 29th October 2016, 3-6pm. Exhibition Period:  29th October – 20th November 2016 RSVP: / +86 1- 5762 3020 Wang Jianuo was born in Changchun, Jilin in 1989 and graduated from the University of the Arts […]

  • ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jin Hyu Solo Exhibition 2016

    28 Oct 2016

    YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 cordially invites you to ‘The Chinese Renaissance 中国的文艺复兴’ Lee Jin Hyu Solo Exhibition Opening Reception on the 5th of November 2016, 3-6pm. Exhibition Period: 5th – 25th November 2016 RSVP: / +86 10 5762 3020 Born in Seoul, Korea Graduated from Madrid University, Spain (Master’s Degree in Painting) Graduated […]

  • Five Myths About Chinese Contemporary Art Debunked

    24 Oct 2016

    The contemporary art market in China has grown faster than any other markets in the world over the past ten years, with its fair deals of side effects – positives and negatives. However, what we are witnessing now is as impressive as its growth: its capacity to change and adapt to new realities, in a […]

  • YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 Wins Excellent Award at the 2016 Beijing 798 Art Festival

    24 Oct 2016

    YANG GALLERY • Beijing 798 is proud to win the Excellent Award for the best exhibition with <‘Two Faces of Hallucination’ Deng Xinli & Li Wei Joint Solo Exhibition> at the 2016 Beijing 798 Art Festival! We sincerely thank all for your lovely support! The 798 Art Festival, as one of many an activity held in […]

  • Art is the Ultimate Luxury Symbol. But is it a Wise Investment?

    22 Oct 2016

    In the past, the main characteristics usually used to define art markets can be summarised in the following way: high-risk investment, illiquid, opaque, unregulated, high transactions costs, at the mercy of erratic public taste and short-lived trends. Artworks do not generate any cash flows that can be discounted, except to the extent that income can […]

  • ROBB Report《Best of the Best》Awards 2016

    19 Oct 2016

    2016 ROBB Report’s《Best of the Best》People of the Year annual award is out! Heartfelt congratulations to the ‘Art & Culture’ section winners, YANG GALLERY’S representing established Chinese contemporary artists Cai Zhisong 蔡志松, Fang Lijun 方力钧, Liu Xiaodong 刘小东, Zhong Biao 钟飙 & Zuoxiao Zuzhou 左小祖咒! For nearly 40 years, Robb Report magazine has served as […]

  • Tips on Cleaning / Maintaining Your Art Collection

    17 Oct 2016

    We love art. You love art. Yet, when tackling your spring cleaning list it can be easily overlooked. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your collections dust free and fabulous. Contemporary oil and acrylic paintings are generally hassle free and easy to care for. Do note though, to keep them away from […]

  • Why is Art Important?

    12 Oct 2016

    What Is Art? The dictionary definition of art says that it is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects”. But the thing about art is that it’s so diverse that there are as many ways to understand it as there are people. That’s why there are scholars […]

  • Postmodernism in Chinese Art

    10 Oct 2016

    Postmodernism is best understood by defining the modernist ethos it replaced – that of the avant-garde who were active from 1860s to the 1950s. The various artists in the modern period were driven by a radical and forward thinking approach, ideas of technological positivity, and grand narratives of Western domination and progress. The arrival of […]

  • Ten Most Expensives Paintings in the World

    07 Oct 2016

    In time with the current Autumn auction season this month, let us do a re-cap on some of the most expensive works ever sold in auctions.   No. 10: ‘ Ball du Moulin de la Galette’, USD 78.1 million Pierre- Auguste Renoir (France, 1841 – 1919) Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a famous French impressionist painter. “Ball […]

  • Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn 2016 Modern & Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale Achieves US$65 Million

    05 Oct 2016

    Sotheby’s 2nd October 2016 Modern & Contemporary Evening Sale in Hong Kong was a great success. Despite global economic instability, the art market continues to perform. Strong bids for works by luminaries of modern and contemporary Asian art realised a total of HK$509 million/ US$65 million. The top lot of the sale – Zao Wou-Ki’s […]

  • Why Art Investment is THE Big Thing

    01 Oct 2016

    Art investment is one of the three most profitable key investment areas in the world (finance, real estate, art investment). Because of its high rate of return and asset transfer flexibility, it has risen to become the hottest pursuit of investment and this has become the consensus of investors globally. Art investment is considered to […]